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Image source: Cadalyst.

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Indeed, one of the biggest advantages to the package is its intuitive interface—familiar to any CAD user—making the learning curve easy. With it, you can keep your designs with you no matter where you are. You can make use of a complete set of 2D design and annotation tools, with the ability to add picture and voice notes. If you save any modifications, the changes are automatically synchronized. ARES Commander certainly comes with plenty of powerful and innovative features—did we mention it was cross-platform?!

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Unlike other software packages that limit capabilities for their Mac counterparts, Vectorworks holds absolutely nothing back for Mac users. Vectorworks Architect has the ability to support projects from the beginning—with conceptual design—all the way to the eventual demolition. Knowing how important collaboration is with architects and designers, Vectorworks also provides a multi-user environment with Project Sharing.

Image source: Ashlar-Vellum. The difficulty with CAD software is that because there are so many software packages available, we often settle for the most popular choices and miss the unseen gems. Cobalt , developed by Ashar-Vellum, is one of these gems. A parametric-based CAD and 3D modeling program, it is unique for combining direct-modeling to create objects and the history-driven parametric modeling.

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And with a non-modal interface, you can switch between modeling techniques and approaches with absolutely no hassle. This includes realistic texture maps and procedural textures, an advanced material editor, interactive materials display and environment maps. Additionally, users can interleave wireframe geometry in photo-realistically rendered stills and animations. Image source: Majenta Solutions. All user data is kept safe and secure on the cloud, with unlimited storage and access.

It comes with freeform modeling, along with solid, parametric and mesh modeling. Users can get started on designs quickly and efficiently with a full suite of sculpting tools. To avoid having to deal with issues after production, Fusion gives users access to a full suite of simulation tools that can test fit, motion and pit designs against real-world conditions. This can cut costs and speed up the entire design and manufacturing processes.

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Those working with CAM can use Fusion to create toolpaths to machine components. Additionally, users can take advantage of the 3D printing workflow to create prototypes. Collaboration is an important aspect in almost every industry out there, which is why Fusion makes it so easy. Users can invite as many team members to their Fusion projects as they like—any changes are made simultaneously.

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Image source: Onshape. A direct competitor of Fusion , Onshape boasts of being the first completely cloud-based CAD package. Onshape is the perfect platform to increase productivity, saving users time with Parametric Modeling 2. In an attempt to make Onshape even more accessible, they provide self-paced training content to help users master their personal CAD skills. And with an active, bustling online community, learning is made enjoyable and practical.

Image source: AppKed. Those in architecture will be pleased to hear that TurboCAD comes with an entire suite of architectural design tools including symbol and material libraries, auto-dimensioning capabilities and built-in intelligence that automatically creates openings. TurboCAD also enables users to create incredible photorealistic renderings—taking care of aspects like material, special effects lighting and environmental effects.

Image source: Simply Rhino. Rhino3D is based on the NURBS model, which produces freeform surfaces in graphics—as opposed to applications that focus on a polygon mesh-based approach.

And, with a realm of plug-ins at your fingertips, you can delve into specific fields like animation, jewelry, prototyping and much more. Unfortunately, as with other packages on this list, Rhino for Mac has more limited capabilities than its Windows counterpart. Additionally, animation tools that allow for quick and easy visualizations are available on for Windows users. Image source: Ricky Jordan. Whilst the free version for Mac comes with limited capabilities, it still has an abundance of features to take advantage of.

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  • With it, you can take advantage of straightforward 2D documentation—using design and drafting tools to create an abundance of 2D designs. Users also gain access to online community support and learning resources. Check out our top tips and tricks for DraftSight newbies. Image source: Softpedia.

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    Technical drawings such as mechanical schematics, electrical drawings and building blueprints are a walk in the park with QCAD. Users can opt to use DWG with a commercial plugin. With a lot of free software, capabilities tend to be lacking. With QCAD, you get a lot more than you bargained for.

    It comes with a library of over 4, CAD parts and 60 construction and modification tools. Additionally, users can make use of layers, grouping blocks and printing to scale. An open source 3D parametric modeler, FreeCAD is designed to be used across a range of industries including product design, mechanical engineering and architecture. The modeler also enables users to modify designs and change parameters by going back into model history. Like other CAD packages out there, uses can create 3D models from 2D—sketching 2D shapes and using them as a base to build other objects.

    FreeCAD also comes with a variety of specialist tools to the needs of users from all types of industries. You can also read many more reasons why we like it in our review of SmartDraw. Lucidchart is another easy to use cloud diagramming software that makes designing floor plans very easy on all platforms. Lucidchart is similar to SmartDraw although it has a Chrome extension which allows you to work offline as well. Although it has less templates than SmartDraw, it still has plenty to complete most diagramming tasks quickly and easily.

    There are several Floorplan templates that you an customize and adapt for your own designs. Lucidchart also has an iPad app which allows you to create floor plans on the move see our review of the Lucidchart iPad app for more. You can read more in our Lucidchart review and you can also sign-up for a free account. Homestyler was originally made by Autodesk, the makers of the industry leading AutoCAD for Mac software and was an incredibly powerful floor planning software for Mac and PC.

    It discontinued the product in but it has been continued as a somewhat lighter version under Chinese ownership by Easyhome. The surprising thing is that Homestyler is still completely free to use but still feels like a professional floor plan app.

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    The only requirement is that you sign-up for an Easyhome Homestyler account. Creating floor plans in Homestyler is simply a case of dragging and dropping elements in your web browser. You can add small details like grass, gravel and water elements to add realism to your floor plans. It even allows you to import and export DWG files.

    When it was owned by Autodesk, Homestyler could even provide pricing for your mock ups although unfortunately that is no longer possible. However, the new owners have added some interesting touches such as 3D walk throughs, an enhanced furniture library and mobile apps with Augmented Reality. These allow you to take a photo of a room and then start decorating it with products immediately from the Easyhome catalog which really brings things to life.

    You can also share designs made in Homestyler to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Floorplanner is a very slick dedicated online floor plan software that makes creating floor plans or redesigning your home fun. Floorplanner is designed with beginners in mind that need help creating professional and striking floor plans on Mac. Floorplanner conveniently snaps items and objects into place to keep your designs both geometrically correct and tidy with minimal effort.