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Left-aligned by default. There may be a leading apostrophe visible in the formula bar. In the image below, you can see the text representations of numbers on the right and actual numbers on the left: How to convert text to number in Excel There are a handful of different ways to change text to number of Excel. Convert to number in Excel with error checking If your cells display an error indicator green triangle in the top left corner , converting text strings to numbers is a two-click thing: Select all the cells containing numbers formatted as text.

Click the warning sign and select Convert to Number. Convert text into number by changing the cell format Another quick way to convert numerical values formatted as text to numbers is this: Select the cells with text-formatted numbers. This method does not work in some scenarios. For example, if you apply the Text format to a cell, enter a number, and then change the cell format to Number, the cell will remain formatted as text.

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If you'd like to have the results as values, not formulas, use the Paste Special feature to replace formulas with their values. July 18, at pm. ANNEE says:. October 25, at am. How to change a text into the number like we need to convert "Best" is equal to 5. Bob says:. June 16, at pm. The number 5 may be associated with a certain cell. Migsland says:. November 12, at pm.

Shree says:. November 27, at pm. January 8, at pm. For example, let's say you have a column of numbers where some idiot has typed each number in using a comma as the thousands separator like this: 52, Paul says:. January 15, at am. Hi My excel does not recognize the following as a value 2 , Please help!!! Vignesh says:. January 16, at pm. January 17, at pm. Hubert Soliva says:. January 21, at am. Waqas says:. February 14, at am. March 5, at pm. Ashwin gajendra says:.

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March 29, at am. Ashwin says:. Roger says:. March 30, at am. May 2, at am. Thousand separator is taking a , automatically even if we delete it. Ganesh D says:.

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  • May 21, at am. You guys are making my life easy Thanks a lot for your support. May 28, at pm. Myranda says:. June 27, at pm. RAVI says:. June 28, at am. Aksana Ablebits. October 7, at pm. Kevin Jernigan says:. July 16, at pm. Sakandar says:. July 24, at am. Daan says:.

    July 24, at pm. Rakesh Kumar says:.

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    July 31, at pm. How to convert numbers to word. BH says:. August 18, at am. Ric Edward Gaspar says:. August 22, at am. Gaurav says:. August 28, at am. Sebplus says:. August 28, at pm. September 5, at pm. Gary says:. September 12, at pm. Parag says:. October 16, at pm. AUDRA says:. October 22, at pm.

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