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Verses, bridges, breaks and main themes are defined and arranged. Schematic arrangements may vary according to the music genre. Most contemporary pop and rock tracks begin with an intro, then continue with several verses, a bridge and a chorus before ending with an outro.

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Hip-hop, dancehall and some other genres include beats comprised of loops, which often play continuously throughout the track. Once a song has a finished structure, the next step is the mixing process — the editing of individual instrument and vocal tracks in the audio editing software. During mixing, effects such as compressor, delay or reverb are applied to vocals and instruments, volume levels are equalized and tracks for stereo sound are split left and right.

To aim of mixing is to achieve a level balance between rhythm instruments, backing instruments and vocals, and lead instruments and vocals. The song is now a tonal unit and is reduced to a single stereo track with left and right channels, known as the mixdown. Mastering is the last step in music production. This provides enhanced sound quality by applying specialist plug-ins such as various filters, equalizers or compressor to the audio material and filter out noise in tracks within the audio editing software. Before pressing your entire album or mixtape to CD, the mastering process equalizes the volume and frequency spectrum of separate tracks, sets gaps between songs and may also add fade outs to the end of tracks.

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This is to ensure that all songs on the CD have the same sound quality. Producer Planet is the ideal platform for professional music producers on the lookout for the right tools and resources they need for their projects. Countless loops and samples, virtual instruments, plug-ins and more for audio software — Producer Planet offers content for each and every music production requirement.

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Want to get the most out of your music? After you've composed your song, it's time to start editing your music. Whether an entire track or a single sound — edit any part of a song the exact way you want.

Apply effects such as compressor, delay and reverb to entire tracks or selected passages and add one-of-a-kind characteristics to instruments and recorded vocals. You can then adjust the volume of tracks to each other for an acoustically balanced, homogenous music production. Access outstanding audio editing and create the exact sound you've been looking for with music software from MAGIX.

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Standard area of application: Music making software for beginners Advantage: Easily make music based on the building block concept — no experience required. Standard area of application: Music production software for producers and musicians Advantage: Loop-based music production with a wide range of sounds, instruments and effects. Samplitude Music Studio. Standard area of application: Music editor for beginners and advanced users Advantage: Composition, recording, mixing and mastering.

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Dj sound text app

Standard area of application: Music software for professional music producers Advantage: Composition, recording, mixing and mastering. Standard area of application: Audio editing software for advanced and professional producers Advantage: Powerful audio editing tools, fast processing and innovative workflows. Learn more. Trust the professionals.

Dedicated Serato DJ Lite controls allow quick creation and triggering of hot cues, loops, and samples, plus switching between four decks with the Deck Select button. Use the channel filters or Serato FX accessible via three FX Select buttons per deck to finesse blends or accentuate scratches.

Additional vocal effects include low-cut EQ to refine the sound and a noise gate to automatically clean up sound issues and unwanted background noise. For expanded production capability, upgrade to Serato DJ Pro to access 32 sync-able sampler slots over four banks, the full collection of iZotope FX, software recording capabilities, and more.


These Quick Start Videos contain step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to its major features. Read more…. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions.

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You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email. Spotify integration in djay includes all of your existing playlists, starred and saved songs, powerful search capabilities, charts, browse, and Match for intelligent song recommendations. Lean back and automate your sets in advance with stunning transitions. Using machine learning and training sets from human DJs, Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns and the best intro and outro sections of songs.

Automix AI calculates optimal fade durations and automatically applies parameter changes to EQs and filters for a seamless transition. You can simply drag an album or a selection of photos onto the visual decks and djay Pro 2 instantly creates a perfectly beat-matched slideshow based on the music that is playing. You can also apply effects to your photos in just the same way as video, as well project the visual output via an external monitor through HDMI or AirPlay. At the heart djay Pro is an innovative DJ Software with a modern user interface that provides flexible layers of functionality alongside a powerful music library into a single window interface.

You can now also assign names to all your saved loops and cue points. Effects, EQs, filters and loops all benefit from major quality enhancements. Audio effects have been significantly improved in djay Pro 2. Effects can now be assigned post fader so that closing a fader no longer means shutting off effects tails. This is especially useful if you work with a laptop and want to add frequently used features to your setup via the keyboard.

The video mode in djay Pro allows you to mix photos and videos live and apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music. You can also enable Split Mode which allows you to crossfader audio and video independently. You can use any font installed on your Mac, and pick the colour, opacity and location for the title. In addition to its extensive video mixing capabilities, djay Pro gives you the ability to record your sets including all audio, video, overlays and effects.

Apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music.