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The Anker 2. Although it requires batteries to run, two AAAs are a small price to pay for the comfort and versatility this gives you. The Logitech Wireless Trackball M is more like a regular mouse, but provides the trackball for your thumb to rest on.

How to use the built in speech dictation tool on Mac OS X

This lets you move your cursor without moving your hand, which itself can cause damage to wrist. It has four buttons and runs on a AA battery. Finally, the J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance mouse is a wired vertical mouse with five buttons and a removable palm rest.

If you do go with the J-Tech mouse, check out this review. There are apparently one or two issues with the mouse which can be easily fixed with a little tinkering. The Belkin WaveRest Gel Pad is a bar of gel which you can place below your keyboard to rest your wrists on when typing. I know that this post is dedicated to dictation and reducing the amount of typing you do, but supporting your wrists when they are at rest is just as important. This is a small foam cradle for your wrist while you use the mouse.

The Allsop is especially useful because the bottom of the rest allows it to move with your wrist and give it constant support.

What Makes a Great Piece of Dictation Software?

The AmazonBasics Laptop Stand is another cheap by which can really help your general health when using a computer all day. By raising your laptop screen you naturally encourage better posture and arm position, which is good for pretty much everything involved with typing. Having said that, it is still pretty expensive, so this is more for those with a bit of cash to spare. To expand on these points a little, a level posture essentially means keeping a straight back, looking straight ahead at your laptop screen, and keeping your elbows at a 90 degree angle.

Here are a few to get you started:. Do you have any suggestions for uses of dictation software? Find him on Twitter here.

Text To Speech Mac Os Mojave

Thanks Ben for an extremely useful long-form article on dictation options in I look forward to implementing one of these options. No incredible pressing need for dictation exists for me now. I do occasionally get pain in my right mouse hand. At that point, I switch to using my left hand for the mouse.

Nothing like what you have gone through! I do want to get better at dictation as an alternative to typing at the keyboard. I will say that dictation is pretty fun as an alternative to writing all day though, especially if you do a lot of it. More than giving your hands a break it makes the same work feel like a different task altogether, which is great for helping to avoid burnout. This is an extremely useful article! Perfect reviews for dictation software! Going to try some of those!

Great article! Thank you. I was in the same boat with knowing about it, but not really looking into it. Hi Thanks a lot for this article, I am a new content writer from reading this my production has just gone from 5 words a minute to 80 words a minute, I am stoked. Many thanks for your comments useful as moving from Windows P. In passed have used Dragon are there great differences between the Dragon, have been used to and the Dragon Mac version? Great question! First, you could get the Mac version and then mainly dictate into TextEdit. This seems to be the most stable form of dictation and supposedly barely ever crashes.

Alternatively, you could run the Windows version of Dragon in virtualisation software such as Parallels or VMware Fusion. These essentially run a version of Windows on your Mac which can be used to run Dragon and other programs. The trouble with doing that is that you need a pretty recent Mac device roughly within the last 3 years , 8Gb of RAM, and a Windows license which can cost a pretty penny in of themselves. I used Dragon on Windows for over 10 years and it is an extremely good product with extensive abilities with custom commands.

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However when I moved over to Mac OS Macbook Pro at the start of this year and started using Dragon for Mac, I discovered it is a totally different product and very inferior to the Windows version. It does Support creating custom commands, but with much less functionality than the Windows version. For example it does not support parameterized commands. The speech recognition accuracy is quite good if you can get the product to work without crashing. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out.

Many thanks in actual fact I have been very impressed with the Mac dictation tool, which very nearly has as good a results as I used to get from Dragon even on the Windows version of Dragon!

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Ben: A thorough, useful survey of dictation options. Several years ago I used the PC version, found it worth the money for good and growing accuracy and production.. Thanks for pointing this out! It takes them a long time to get around to updating. On another note, I also have a lot of experience with healing carpal tunnel syndrome and other skeletal-muscular injuries. Chapter 9 in my book teaches the technique and I also work with people online to do direct energy healing. There is also an anti-inflammatory formula on my blog that could be of immense value in reducing stress-related inflammation.

Take a look RebuildHealth.

Using Voice Dictation

As for the health advice, thanks for reaching out. Really good article thoroughly researched and excellent information.

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  • Very impressive. One comment about Dragon for Mac is that it can be frustratingly variable. This is particularly true when using it with Gmail and Google Docs.

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    The program sometimes inserts miscellaneous letters refuses to start new lines and misunderstands some commands. It seems Dragon have not invested as much in the Mac version of their product. Having said all that I still use it a lot and find it to be both time-saving and less physically arduous. Once again thank you for a very helpful post. How many of these apps are trainable to a specific person? My daughter has some speech impediments and the off-the-shelf software does not do well with her.

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    • I would hope that if it were trained for her voice we could get reasonable accuracy. I never thought of that issue. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative and useful article. All the reviews for dictation software are best. I just tried my best to cover everything that might help someone who was in the same position I was. I have used Dragon many years ago on a Windows laptop.