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In fact, this editor couldn't resist the urge to take the mini chez lui and hook it up to a palm-sized 3M projector. Using the easily accessible HDMI port, we had no trouble connecting the device to the projector, and mirroring the contents of our external Thunderbolt display. We did, however, encounter Bluetooth audio sync issues with our Jambox, forcing us to depend on the mini's able, but far-from-powerful internal speaker.

Of course, you can always go the more traditional route and attach it to your HDTV, but if you're aching to make use of that vast DVD library sorry, Blu-ray owners , then prepare to spring for a SuperDrive. At that point, though, you may as well just enter the MacBook fray.

Apple Mac mini (Winter 2012)

Apple's quite pleased with the mini's newest feature, the FusionDrive, even though hybrid storage solutions have been in use for quite some time now. So, what is it exactly? It works like this: But as time progresses and your storage begins to spill past the SSD's GB limit, the FusionDrive kicks in, analyzing user-level actions based on algorithms to determine commonly used files and then allocating them accordingly.

Say, for example, you're a photo editor who makes heavy use of Aperture, but rarely bothers with iPhoto. Well, over time, the system will acknowledge this usage pattern and relegate iPhoto to the hard disk's slower volume, so Aperture will continue to launch and run quickly from flash. What's more, all of this is done behind-the-scenes when the mini is idle, so users won't notice any changes taking place.

In fact, there's no real way to monitor or edit how the system arranges the storage -- it's made to appear as one unified volume. It's fair to say the Mac mini occupies a special place on the consumer spectrum. Consider it a 3 on our appropriated Kinsey scale of tech-to-consumer affiliations. It's the perfect bridge to all things Apple. Designed, initially, to help make Windows users feel at home within the Mac ecosystem, the mini was offered up as an elegant solution -- a compact desktop that would play nice with people's existing peripherals.

But as time wore on, this "appliance Mac" as one rep put it took on other uses in enterprise and among power users. Eventually, it wormed its way into all manner of server-based applications: Whether you really need the added boost of the 1.

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In fact, that latter option might be more than enough for most. So, where's the rub? Well, that's just it. If you fit the sort of user profile we've been describing, we aren't quite sure there is one. At the end of the day, the mini is destined to sit outside of Apple's public limelight like all the models that have come before it. It's the company's jack-of-all-trades, but a shining star for those in the know. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

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Show More Results. Posted on Aug 2, 2: Aug 3, 3: It totally depends on what games you play and how you want to play them. The problem with the Mac mini is its reliance on Intel's integrated graphics which has really improved since the days of the Core Duo but still seriously lags behind the current crop of discrete video cards.

Many games just aren't written to run on Intel integrated video and some that do don't do it well. An example is Diablo III. On my iMac the game has tremendous frame rates at the highest resolution and graphics settings.

On the mini I have to set the graphics rendering down to basic settings to keep frame rates decent. Even so when the ravening horde comes for me sometimes frame rates drop into the realm of slow motion. The iMac is a better choice if you play lots of 3D games due to the superior graphics cards. Even then, to be honest, they don't match PC boxes but I don't let game specs rule what I buy. I game mostly on a console. Page content loaded. Perhaps best of all though, you can install apps purchased on the Mac store on all of your authorised machines. That means, both your Mac Mini and Air can have Photoshop installed.

In terms of slickness, it has to be said that Apple has beaten everyone else at their own game.

Is this MAC Mini good for gaming? - Apple Community

What makes OS X so usable has to be the incredible speed with which the OS is able to switch between tasks. To give you an example, with this Mac Mini being used as a media centre, you can be playing video through Plex, and use the wireless trackpad to swipe between different desktops. This is something that might be incredibly helpful, if you're watching something, but want to have a quick flick to see another app.

Apple's use of the Mac's graphics hardware means that such whizzy visuals are responsive and don't seem to delay anything else from happening. We were able to play p HD video on one "desktop" while switching between other apps, and found it amazing how solid everything looks. Video keeps playing during the transition, and the machine handles it as if you were just typing into a word document. When using OS X you'll very quickly start using the three finger swipe to move between open full screen windows, the desktop and dashboard - although the dashboard has limited value to us, we can see some people loving it.

Three fingers up shows you all the running applications, which is by far the best method for task switching, and Windows 8 users will likely be aware of what a massive mess Microsoft has made of this functionality recently. How we'd love to see something like Apple's system appear to replace the misery of Windows switching - which used to be brilliant.

Obviously, two fingers is a standard scroll. Up and down allows you to scroll webpages, but two fingers to the right will also move you back through your history. Some people made a fuss about the tablet-style reversal for this stuff, but honestly we didn't find it much of a problem.

It takes a few seconds, at most, to get used to this system. We tested our review sample with two monitors, both Samsung, and both had an issue with washed out colours via HDMI.

Mac Mini 2012 review

A look around online shows that this is a widespread problem, but is related to the Intel graphics. From what we can tell, it's a problem with the way the graphics card is detecting the monitors, and the RGB signal it is then sending. Make no mistake, it's annoying, but we don't know how widespread the problem is, and how many monitors are affected.

We are told that this issue is fixed in The likelihood is, by the time you read this the issue will have been resolved and we'll look like murmuring idiots.

Lovely to look at

We don't suggest upgrading the 4GB via Apple, but do consider shoving some third-party stuff in there. You'll also want a keyboard and mouse. You might have your own, which will work fine. But we do really think you should go for the Apple Trackpad, it makes the whole experience a lot better. It might be expensive, but we think it's worth the money.

The Apple Wireless keyboard is good, and matches the design ethic, but we didn't find it as nice to type on as our Microsoft Natural keyboard.